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We supply a wide variety of high quality gemstones to commercial jewellers, craft jewellers and individual collectors, including:

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Welcome to Glory Gems!

The place where you can find the gemstones you want at competitive prices, including emeralds, sapphires, topaz and amber. We are a sustainable gemstone wholesaler, and we always ensure every gem is ethically sourced from a site where all workers are fairly paid and reimbursed. All our gemstones are sourced in Sri Lanka, which is world renowned as a home of the very best quality gemstones available. Whether you are a local craft jeweller looking for sustainably-sourced materials, or a private collector, with Glory Gems, you can be sure of a good price and superb customer service throughout.

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Artisan-mined gemstones

We work closely with a site in Sri Lanka, where all the staff are skilled, experienced miners, cutters and polishers, passionate about their trade, and equitably compensated for their work. At Glory Gems, we pride ourselves on being sustainable gemstone wholesalers, and environmental impact is also kept to an absolute minimum. As Sri Lankans ourselves, we are very invested in making sure the country and its people benefit from our trade.

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Quality assured brilliance

We sell single gemstones, pairs, or sets, and each gemstone is checked and certified for quality, size, and colour (hue, tone and saturation). You can find beautiful gemstones in a wide array of colours and varieties here at Glory Gems, and you can call our sustainable gemstone wholesalers if there is a particular kind of gem you are looking for.

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Where we are sourced

Sri Lanka is famous throughout antiquity as being one of the best sources of gemstones in the world. Since ancient times, the gems of Sri Lanka have been sought after and written about, with Ptolemy, Marco Polo, and many others commenting on the quality and quantity of gems found there. Since 1000 BC artisans have mined and finished gemstones in Sri Lanka, and as sustainable gemstone wholesalers, we work directly with the suppliers to ensure every part of the process is fair and just. Browse our selection of beautiful gems here.

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Contact our sustainable gemstone wholesalers if you would like to place a special order.

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