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Artisan Gemstones

Where we come from

Our gemstones are almost entirely sourced in the Ratnapura region of Sri Lanka, and we work directly with suppliers to ensure each artisan gemstone is fairly obtained. The area has produced many legendary gemstones over the centuries, including the magnificent Giant of the Orient, a 600 carat sapphire found near Adam's Peak in 1902, and the Blue Belle of Asia, a 400 carat deep blue sapphire found in a paddy field in Ratnapura.

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How we do mining projects

Since ancient times, Sri Lanka has avoided exporting rough cut stones, meaning the gemstone cutting industry has flourished there, and it still retains some of the best craftspeople in the world for this trade. If you are looking for artisan gemstones of exceptional quality, you are in the right place.


Connecting the gemstones of Sri Lanka with the craft jewellers of the UK

We are here to connect with you and make a fair trade for selling sustainable gems at competitive prices. Whether you are an online craft jeweller, a private collector, or a commercial manufacturer, we welcome your custom as sustainable gemstone wholesalers in the UK. Browse through our list of beautiful gemstones for sale here.



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Established Sri Lankan Jewellers

Our family gemstone business has been running in Sri Lanka for over 25 years, and recently we have expanded to the UK. We have a long reputation for dealing fairly with miners and gem cutters, and take every care to make sure the mines we trade with are environmentally responsible and operate fairly with their employees. In this way, each one of our artisan gemstones has no suffering or misfortune attached to it.

Why come to Glory Gems?

  • As wholesalers and jewellery makers we offer great deals on bulk buys and customs
  • We can supply different variants in shape, colour, treatments, origin, quality and purity
  • We have vast experience in gemstone dealing around world and have immense valuation expertise
  • Integrity and sincerity in everyday artisan gemstone dealing
  • All stones come direct from ethical mining


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