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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does delivery cost?

Delivery for all our Sri Lankan gemstones is free, and the cost is included in the price of the purchase. Each gemstone is dispatched via Royal Mail Special Delivery, so it reaches you securely and quickly.

How can I be sure the gemstones are fairly bought?

As opposed to the 19th and early 20th centuries, Sri Lankan authorities now have a much tighter control on mining regulations and the gemstone trade, ensuring work in Sri Lankan mines is safe and that workers are well paid. Glory Gems are closely attached to a very reputable site in the Ratnapura district, and check regularly to make sure all regulations are closely followed.

How good is the cut on each gemstone?

Each gem will have its own unique cut according to its size and original shape. Thanks to restrictions on exporting rough stones, there is a long tradition in Sri Lanka of artisanal gemstone cutting and polishing, and these workers are among the most sought-after in their craft.

Can I request a Sri Lankan gemstone of a certain type?

Yes. Email us your requirements for size, colour, cut, and clarity, and we shall come back to you if such a stone becomes available.

How is gemstone colour measured?

The colour of the gemstone is considered in three parts, the hue, tone and saturation. The hue is the apparent, obvious colour of the gemstone, whether it is blue or red, for example. There are 31 hues used by the GIA to describe coloured gemstones. The tone describes the lightness or darkness of the gemstone, and the most desirable gemstones are towards the darker end of this spectrum without becoming overly opaque. The saturation is possibly the most important and desirable aspect of the gemstone, and refers to the richness of the colour itself. Hue, tone and saturation all work together to produce a unique beauty in each gemstone.

How is the quality of a gemstone assessed?

Each of our Sri Lankan gemstones are precisely weighed, and checked for flaws and imperfections. The stones are then graded according to clarity (a seven point scale from Internally Flawless to Opaque), and the cut is also considered if the gemstone is finished. Overall a gemstone is graded according to its size, colour, clarity, and cut.

Are your gemstones natural?

All of the coloured stones we use are 100% natural.

Are your gemstones treated?

The only treatment we accept as a company is heat treatment. Coloured stones are commonly heat treated to bring out the intense colour of the stone. For example, many sapphire stones are treated in this way.

Do you sell loose gemstones?

Yes, we do sell loose gemstones and we have many stones in stock which are not featured on the website. If you are searching for a particular stone please let us know and we will try our best to find it for you. 99.95% of the time we should be able to find what you are looking for.

Where are your gemstone sourced from?

We source our gemstones from around the world. Our rubies and spinels come from Burma, Thailand and Mozambique. Our sapphires come from Thailand, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Our emeralds come from Zambia and so forth. We only buy stones from ethical sources. If you have questions about any of our stones please contact a member of our team.

I am looking for a particular stone which is not on your website, can you source it for me?

We regularly travel around the world in search of rare and unique gemstones. If you have a requirement for a certain type of stone, please let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.


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